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Current Investment Performance Information is shown below for Zurich Pension funds and Rossborough PERSPECTIVE Strategies. If you have any questions regarding the performance of your investment or pension please contact us.

Rossborough and Group Personal Retirement Plans 

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The Occupational Retirement Plan 

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The Guernsey Retirement Plan 

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PERSPECTIVE Investment & Pension Fund Performance 

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Rossborough Personal Retirement Plan (RPRP) 

The RPRP is your own personal pension plan which will help you take control of your retirement planning. The Plan has been designed to assist you in efficiently accumulating your own retirement fund to provide you with both a capital sum and an income when you choose to retire.

This plan is suitable for residents of Jersey only. It is a flexible, low cost way of saving for your retirement.

The full member and investment guide can be downloaded below.

PERSPECTIVE Investments 

Perspective Private Wealth

Rossborough Financial have created a range of investment strategies to suit the various needs of our private client investors.

It is hard to keep track of your financial situation in an ever-changing world.

You probably ask yourself if you are making the most of your savings, whether you will have the money available when you need it for key family events and if you have made adequate provision for your retirement.

It is unrealistic to expect to be able to plan your financial future and assess whether you are set up to achieve your goals on your own.

Where do you turn to for help that you can trust? Rossborough Financial is a leading local financial services business dedicated to helping its clients make the most of their financial opportunities and fulfil their ambitions for the future.

To help you achieve your financial goals we have developed PERSPECTIVE, an all-embracing financial management service based around Rossborough Financial's own focused investment strategies, designed to add genuine value to your financial wellbeing.

Current performance information for all the PERSPECTIVE strategies can be downloaded below.

Literature Library 

A new angle on effective financial management 

PERSPECTIVE - Key Features 

Jersey Retirement Trust Schemes 

Recent changes to Jersey's pension regulations now provide greater opportunities for pension provision and have redefined the basis of retirement planning in Jersey. As a result of the changes in the legislation, it is now possible for Jersey residents to take control of their pension arrangements both pre and post retirement by establishing a Retirement Trust Scheme (RTS)

The introduction of RTS has significantly enhanced the appeal of pension as a tax efficient means of accumulating and preserving wealth, particularly against the background of "20 means 20" and the phased reduction in tax reliefs and allowances.

RTS's are permitted to have relatively wide investment powers and the Trustees of the RTS are responsible for the investment strategy, as well as payment of any tax. Trustees of a Jersey RTS are subject to regulation by the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

Guernsey Retirement Annuity Trust Schemes 

A Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (RATS) is a Personal Pension Plan approved by the Administrator of Taxes under article 157A of the Income Tax (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law 1975. The underlying funds held in a RATS will not suffer any UK tax, as it is an approved offshore pension scheme.

You may make contributions within prescribed limits with full tax relief available. The limits depend upon age and employment circumstances. In Guernsey for those under 65 and in non-pensionable employment the limit is your yearly income with a maximum overall limit of £35,000 subject to upper earnings limit.

The underlying investment returns within your RATS are not liable to Guernsey tax.

The scheme allows you to drawdown an income, presently up to 7% per annum, at retirement without committing to the purchase of a guaranteed lifetime annuity. All income withdrawals will be subject to 20% income tax.

The balance of the funds remaining, if any, on death in retirement will pass to your nominated beneficiaries. They can still draw an income from the Trust, or they can liquidate the Trust, subject to a 20% tax charge.

RATS allow you the flexibility to vary your income withdrawals during retirement (within limits laid down by the Administrator of Taxes). This flexibility to vary income levels is not available with the purchase of a traditional annuity.

If you are interested in discussing further whether RATS may be right for you then please contact us.

The Guernsey Retirement Plan 

Protection for your Family 

Rossborough Financial can provide advice and quotations for suitable policies to provide your family with relevant financial protection. This includes life cover, critical illness plans and long term sick pay (Permanent Health Insurance).

Life cover can be arranged in conjunction with a mortgage or just as stand alone cover to provide for your family in the event of your death.

Cover need not be expensive and can provide you with valuable peace of mind.

To find out what cover is suitable for you please contact us.

To obtain an on-line immediate quote please

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