Flexible Income - Guernsey

Withdraw flexible amounts from your pension annually.

  • Take 30% tax-free lump sum on retirement
  • Flexible levels of withdrawal tailored to your needs
  • The balance of your pension remains invested where it may benefit from future growth
  • Your pension fund can pass to your beneficiaries on death
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Consolidate your pensions

Consolidate your pensions into a single Retirement Annuity Trust (RAT) offering flexibility and ease of administration in retirement.
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Withdraw what you need

Choose an amount to withdraw from your pension, subject to maximum permitted limits. Income is typically paid quarterly or annually.
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Continue growing your pension

The balance of your pension fund will remain invested where it may benefit from future growth.
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Provide for your dependants & beneficiaries

On death, the balance of your pension fund can pass directly to your dependants, beneficiaries, or estate.

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Is there a maximum amount I can withdraw?

Yes. The maximum amount you can withdraw is determined by your age, the value of your pension fund and pension legislation.

How are my withdrawals paid?

Withdrawals are typically made monthly or annually and paid directly into your bank account.

Are my withdrawals taxable?

Income withdrawals from your Retirement Annuity Trust are assessable to income tax.

Can I change my withdrawals?

Yes. You can alter the amount that is withdrawn, within the maximum permitted limits. This can be suspended and recommenced as required.

What happens to my pension if I die?

On death after your retirement, if you have taken a tax-free cash lump sum and/or Annuity Equivalent Income, the balance of your pension fund can pass to your beneficiaries, net of income tax at half the standard rate.

Your surviving spouse also has the option to retain the Plan and continue to draw an income from the pension.

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