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An annuity produces a regular income for life, providing certainty and peace of mind.

  • Provides a guaranteed income payable for life
  • Annuity income can be structured according to your circumstances and requirements
  • Lets your plan you finances with certainty
  • Provides peace of mind in retirement
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Tailor your annuity to meet your needs 

We're here to help. We will assist you in establishing an annuity to meet your personal requirements.
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Income can be level or increasing

You can choose either a level income, or an increasing income to help protect against inflation. 
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Provide a pension for your dependants

The annuity could continue to pay an income to your dependants on your death.
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Guaranteed period

Income can continue to be paid for a guaranteed period even if your die early in retirement.

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What happens if I die soon after I purchase an annuity?

If you die shortly after purchasing an annuity, the income will can continue if you've selected a guaranteed period or dependents pension.

How do I purchase an annuity?

Your pension scheme may provide an annuity option. For advice and guidance, please contact Rossborough Financial.

Please call 01534 502000 or 01481 241534 to talk to our team.

How often will I receive my annuity income?

Income can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually directly to your bank account.

Do I need a medical examination to set up an annuity?

No. However,  if you have existing medical conditions you may be able to secure a higher level of income through an enhanced annuity.

Please call 01534 502000 or 01481 241534 to talk to our team.

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