Charlotte Guillaume

Charlotte Guillaume ACII, BSc (hons)

Charlotte graduated from Reading University in 1990 with BSc (hons) and joined Friends Provident Life Office, Dorking, Surrey. This work included head office administration and supervision of Group PHI schemes, Executive Pension Plans, Section 226 policies and Small Self-Administered Schemes.

In 1994 Charlotte completed the Associateship examinations for the Chartered Insurance Institute and in 1999 completed Advanced Financial Planning Certificate paper G60 Pensions.

In 1995 Charlotte moved to Jersey and joined Rossborough Financial specialising in the administration of Rossborough's portfolio of Group Pension and Employee benefit schemes. In 1998 Charlotte was appointed to the Board of Directors and in 2004 appointed as Managing Director. Following the birth of her son in 2006 Charlotte stepped down as Managing Director but remains on the Board as a Director.

Charlotte's current responsibilities include Compliance and regulatory procedures for Rossborough Financial Services Limited in both Jersey and Guernsey. Charlotte continues to have an involvement in the management of Group Final Salary, Group Money Purchase, Executive Pension Plans and personal pensions and also related Group Life and Permanent Health Insurance schemes.

Charlotte was appointed as a member of the Committee of Management of the States of Jersey Public Employees Contributory Retirement Scheme in December 2020.

D: 01534 502009