Plan Charges

The Occupational Retirement Plan is designed to provide a cost effective means of saving for retirement and benefits from simple and low cost charges.

There is no charge for setting up your Plan and no initial charge on the funds in which your pension contributions are invested i.e. the units are single priced.

The Plan charges are:

Administration Fee

This covers the cost of administrating your Plan i.e. collecting and applying contributions, investment and financial advice etc and is paid either:

  • Directly by your Employer, in addition to the Employer's contribution to your Plan; or
  • Deducted from the Employer's contributions prior to being invested in to your Plan.

Trustee Fee

The Trustee fee covers the cost of maintaining and administering the trust structure required under Jersey pension legislation and is either deducted from your Plan at a cost of 0.45% per annum of the value or paid separately by your Employer.

Annual Charge

This represents the cost of managing the underlying investment funds held in your Plan expressed as the Total Expense Ratio (TER) and varies from fund to fund.

The TER together with the Trustee Fee (if applicable), represents the Total Annual Charge for managing the investment of your pension funds and maintaining your Plan. The Annual Charges are calculated proportionally each month and deducted by the sale of units.

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