Annuity Purchase

Tax-Free Cash Lump Sum

At retirement you can take up to 30% of your pension fund as a tax-free cash lump sum. The remainder of your fund can then be used to provide you with an income in retirement.

Traditional Annuity Purchase

You can use your pension fund to purchase a traditional annuity from an authorised insurance company conducting annuity business in Jersey or Guernsey.

The amount of pension income payable will depend on the actual amount available to purchase an annuity and annuity rates at the time you retire.

A traditional annuity provides a guaranteed income for life and can be structured according to your requirements although the more options you include the lower your initial level of income.

  • Indexation - you can choose either a level income or an income which increases each year
  • Spouse's Pension - the annuity could continue to pay an income to your spouse on your death
  • Guaranteed Period - to offer some protection against the loss of your annuity benefits if you die shortly after retirement you can include a minimum period over which your annuity will continue to be paid, typically five years

The option to purchase a traditional annuity will be dependent upon the availability of an authorised insurance company conducting annuity business in Jersey when you retire.

Your options at Retirement include:

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