Death Benefits

Death Before Retirement

In the unfortunate event of your death before retirement the Trustees will pay the accrued value of your pension fund to your beneficiaries.

Whilst the Trustees have ultimate discretion on the distribution of your fund they will have regard to your wishes as indicated in your 'Beneficiary Nomination Form.'

It is therefore important that you provide the Trustees with details of your beneficiaries and that this information is kept up to date to reflect any future changes in your circumstances and requirements.

Additional Death in Service Benefits

Your Employer may also provide you with Death in Service cover which may be payable to your beneficiaries in the event of your death whilst in service.

Death in Retirement

On death after retirement the benefits payable to your Estate and your beneficiaries will depend on the choice you made for the payments of your pension benefits in retirement i.e. purchase of traditional annuity or transfer to another Retirement Trust Scheme or Pension Drawdown Contract (please refer to Options at Retirement).

The information in the links below explains how The Occupational Retirement Plan works and the options available to you at retirement.

Plan Charges

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