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The Occupational Retirement Plan provides a tax efficient means of accumulating wealth and making financial provision for your retirement.

Employer contributions

Your Employer will make regular monthly contributions to your pension account on your behalf while you remain in their employment.

Depending on when your completed application form is received and processed by the administrator the collection and investment of the first contribution(s) into your Plan may be made in a month following the date you elect to join the Plan.

Member contributions

As a condition of membership of your Employer sponsored Occupational Retirement Plan you may be required to make regular contributions which will be deducted by your Employer from your salary each month and invested into your pension account in the Plan.

You also have the option to make additional contributions to boost the value of your retirement fund through either additional regular contributions and/or lump-sum single contributions.

You can contribute up to 100% of your relevant annual earnings aggregated across all your pension arrangements with a maximum overall contribution limit of £50,000 per annum.

Transfer of Existing Pension Funds

If you have accumulated funds in other personal or occupational pension arrangements you can transfer these into your pension account and consolidate them into a single pension plan over which you have control.

If you would like to consider further the benefits of making additional contributions or transferring funds from other pension arrangements please contact us for advice.

The Income Tax Position

You are not liable to tax or Social Security Contributions on the value of your employer's contributions to your pension account.

Your pension contributions will normally qualify for income tax relief which is claimed through your income tax return.

Income tax relief may be restricted when an individual's total annual income exceeds  £150,000.

Please contact us for further information.

The information in the links below explains how The Occupational Retirement Plan works and the options available to you at retirement.

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