Structure and Administration

The GPRP is administered by Rossborough Financial on the Zurich Assurance Limited (ZAL) platform which provides access to a broad range of investment funds managed by Threadneedle Asset Management and other fund managers.

ZAL has developed an extremely efficient and robust web-based pension administration platform and now administers over 6,000 occupational pension plans in the UK, many of which are leading UK companies and was recently appointed by the Royal Mail to administer its new defined contribution plan.

Article 131CA (under which the GPRP is approved) requires that the members' pension funds are held by a Jersey trust company, this function will be performed by Boal & Co Pensions (Jersey) Limited, a managed Trust company in Jersey.   Rossborough Financial, ZAL and Boal & Co Pensions (Jersey) Limited  will assume all the responsibilities and function associated with managing and maintaining the plan on behalf of the members and that the sponsoring Employer will not have any liability or responsibility to its staff in respect of their benefits under the GPRP.

Simplified Application Process

Rossborough Financial have worked hard to keep the process of setting up and members joining a GPRP as simple as possible for both the Employer and the Employees.

There is no application or set up documents to be completed by the Employer. All that is required is confirmation that the Employer wishes to establish a GPRP together with a direct debit mandate to enable ZAL to collect the contributions directly from the Employer and a simple service level agreement confirming contribution collection dates etc.

Members are required to complete a single application form confirming the basis on which they wish to join the GPRP signed by both the Member and the sponsoring Employer.

To keep paperwork to a minimum and ease the application process, Rossborough Financial has also agreed with the Comptroller of Income Tax that we can complete and submit the RTS Establishment Certificate to the Comptroller on behalf of the Member.

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