Investment Funds

  • Members have access to a broad range of investment funds managed by Threadneedle Asset Management together with an expanding range of funds managed by other leading fund managers.
    Details of the range of investment funds available and performance is shown in Appendix II of the Members Guide.
  • The Plan also offers a pre-set investment strategy designed for those members who do not wish to make ongoing investment decisions regarding their pension arrangements.

    The strategy provides members with the opportunity to benefit from the growth potential of an actively managed fund investing in a well diversified and broad range of assets and then, over a period of 120 months leading up to the members retirement age, will automatically switch both the member's future contributions and existing unit holdings into lower risk funds.

    To our knowledge, no other RTS provider offering a pre-set investment strategy employs an administration system which is able to phase the switching process on such a smooth basis. Other platforms either do not offer this facility at all, or at best will only switch unit holdings and alter a member's investment allocation annually either on the policy anniversary date or the member's birthday.

    It is also worth noting the performance of the Threadneedle Managed Fund, which forms the foundation of the pre-set strategy, has been the top performing fund in its sector since launch in 1987.

    Details of the pre-set strategy are shown on page 6 of the Members Guide.

    Note - Rossborough Financial is responsible for advising the members on their investment decisions and monitoring these to ensure they are appropriate.
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