Rossborough Group Personal Retirement Plan

This is simply a group of individual pensions plans administered as a single arrangement and are ideally suited to the modern workplace due to their simplicity and flexibility.

The Rossborough Group Personal Retirement Plan (GPRP) has been several years in development, pending changes in Jersey's pension legislation and Income Tax Law and at all times our vision has been to deliver a low cost, flexible pension savings vehicle with a comprehensive, co-ordinated, added value retirement planning and investment advisory service to meet the needs of both the corporate and individual Jersey pensions market.

The GPRP is a personal Retirement Trust Scheme (RTS) and can be administered either as an individual or group plan. The principle features and benefits of a GPRP to Jersey Employers and their Employees can be summarised as follows:

The Employer

As each member of staff has their own individual personal plan the only responsibility on the Employer is to make contributions on behalf of the members. Beyond that, neither the Employer/Trustees have any obligation to the members:

  • No Employer/Trustee responsibilities i.e.
    • Monitoring members investment decisions
    • Monitoring investment performance
    • Approving transfers
    • Approving early retirement etc.
    • Maintaining Trust Deed & Rules
    • Auditing scheme
    • Annual tax returns
  • Simple and cost effective administration, the Employer is only required to confirm details of the monthly member contributions and any change in membership via a standard spreadsheet.

The Members

Members retain control and ownership of their pension arrangements and benefit from a very low cost and transparent charging structure. It is our understanding that the GPRP offers the lowest overall cost of any RTS pension accumulation vehicle in Jersey.

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Member Information and Control
Structure and Administration
Investment Funds

Monitoring Investment Performance
Security and Flexibility
Communication with Members
Plan Charges

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